Graham and Helen, outside their wedding at Oran Mor

Weddings are as varied and unique as the people getting married! That's why I love shooting them.

I've tried to put together a package that covers most situations, but with all you beautiful people becoming so much more adventurous and diverse in your plans it's impossible to have a one-price-fits-all solution. 

What I've outlined below covers most eventualities, but if you're not sure if it fits your plans then drop me a line and we can talk things over. I'm sure that we can sort something out. And of course, if it does work for you, then get in touch and let's get the date in the diary!

Digital Package - £1450

I find that this package covers most eventualities for a one-day wedding. It includes a full day shooting and delivery of the digital files on USB after the wedding. Unless there is significant travel involved (more than 100 miles from Glasgow) there should be no extra expenses involved. Rather than make you select a fixed number of images, I much prefer just to provide you with everything that meets my standards: you'll never have to face the tricky decision between keeping the photograph of Uncle Henry playing air-guitar on the dance floor or the one of the flower girl stealing a sneaky sip of the bridesmaid's gin and tonic...

What's included:

  • any meetings with you necessary in advance of the wedding: going through the schedule and talking over the group shots in advance of the wedding makes a huge difference on the day.

  • site visits before the wedding: having compositions and locations picked out helps make things work much more smoothly on the day - nobody wants extraneous faff during their wedding! It's also exceptionally helpful for scouting out wet weather options... Scotland's beautiful but it can be damp at times.

  • full day coverage for your wedding, from the latter stages of the preparations through to the first few dances in the evening.

  • all my expenses. All my gear, insurance and ancillary expenses, including travel within 100 miles of Glasgow. The only thing I would ask is that you provide a meal while you are feeding your guests (I don't have to be with them, but it's not always possible to get one unless you've arranged it with the venue).

  • individual processing of each photograph to ensure the best possible quality. This is typically two to three days work in itself.

  • delivery of every image that I deem to meet my required standards on a USB

  • copyright permission to share and print the images, for non-commercial use, as you see fit. I'll include full resolution files for print as well as lower resolution files for sharing online or emailing.

  • the reassurance that I am fully insured, and part of a network of local photographers - in the event that I was unable to attend on the day (due to accident or illness perhaps) I would make every effort to find someone to cover for me. In 5 years of doing this professionally it has never happened to me personally, but I've covered for someone else in the network on under 24 hours notice twice now: the system works!

What's not included is any albums or prints. There are simply so many options that the prices vary drastically depending on size and finish. You'll have a much better idea of how many photographs (and therefore how many pages) you want in your album once you have had time to digest the photographs for a while, so I much prefer to talk over albums then. Of course, you have copyright permission to make your own print and album arrangements if you'd rather do it yourself!

If you have any questions, or would like to have a chat about any aspect of your wedding photography, drop me a line.

I'd love to get involved!