Maria and Craig - the Byre at Inchrya

The flowers, the venue, the music, the dress... There's a lot goes into putting a wedding together, but above all else a wedding is about the people: a good wedding takes on the character of the people getting married. This was no exception, it was one hell of a party!

Craig and Maria live just around the corner from me in Glasgow, but we first met when Maria was a bridesmaid at another wedding I shot recently. We got on great then, and that was only reenforced when we met to talk about their own wedding. They like to a good party, and they put also put together an absolutely stunning, very classy wedding at one of Scotland's finest wedding venues.

The Byre at Inchrya is as beautiful as it is secluded. There are amazing spaces for each part of the day and a sense that the rest of the world has been put on hold for the proceedings. Maria herself was a wonderfully elegant bride to photograph, as well as being exceptionally good craic to work with.

I will remember this wedding fondly for a very long time. Heck, it's not every day you get to photograph a bride bareback on a white pony!