Heather and David at the Gailes Hotel, Irvine

It's not a bad job, being a wedding photographer. One of the most satisfying aspects of the job is those occasions where you get to deliver the photographs of a wedding to a couple in person; after working together so closely and putting so much effort into the photographs, I just love it when there's the time and the opportunity to get together and go through the photos over a pint afterwards. 

Heather and David got married just a couple of weeks back at the Gailes Hotel in Irvine, on an absolutely stunning blue-sky day. The whole thing ran like clockwork, thanks in no small part to the team at the venue - they were all great to work with on the day. As were Heather and David themselves! We'd met a few times before the wedding to discuss the wedding so I already knew we were going to have a laugh on the day, but their friends and family were all damn fine banter too.

We met again a couple of nights back so that I could deliver their photographs and share a drink with them while they went through a small selection of them on the ipad. Yes, it's a pretty good job indeed, when you can sit with your clients and have a drink as friends when you deliver your product. Thanks guys! Keep in touch.